Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Currently!!!!!

I can't believe how fast March went by. I was supposed to post more, and share the things we have been doing, but of course I let time passed. Oh well, here is a new month and I'll try to do my best. Let's start by joining Farley.

           My dear hubby and I are listening to this beautiful CD full of great duets, some of my favorite singers joined Tony Bennett for his 85th birthday celebration, right now we're listening to "Yesterday I Heard the Rain," a Mexican song that I adore and brought me back some really nice memories...

           We have been enjoying a very cool weather here in Cancun, this is the first time ever we got to use sweaters in March, unbelievable but true. We haven't been to the beach yet, but we haven't stayed home. We've been visiting friends every day, yikes it could be really tiring.

           Unfortunately on Monday we are going back to school and our daily activities :(

           And because we're returning to work I have to finish some projects that I haven't finished yet. Projects that are going to help Dany with his daily vocabulary. I promise to share soon, stay tunned.

           You might ask why does she want peeps??? Haven't she had enough? Well the answer is... NO. I haven't even tasted one since I don't know when. Pinterest has been full of peeps crafts and ideas. And I just couldn't grab a box.... so sad!!!!!!!!!!

            Whenever I start working on something I always give my best and I try to be confident that it will be good and fun for my kids, that they will feel motivated and will love what I prepared for them. Thanks God for giving me a beautiful family and a job that I love.

             Don't forget to join up!!!

            Happy Spring, wishing you a great month,

Happy Easter

I found this lovely printable and attached it on a box of jelly beans, my kids really loved it and enjoyed the sweet treatm too. Here I leave you the link. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Have you Heard????

         Dear Tori from Tori's Teacher Tips is having a 600 follower Giveaway!!!! And the items she is giving away are amazing!!!!!! Don't miss the chance to win one of these great products, head over to her blog and leave her some love.

        I sooooooooo loooooooovvvvvvveeeeee giveaways, don't you???

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily Deals for Educators???

I recently stumbled with a website that is offering daily deals for educators!!!!! Educents...

And right now as part of their pre launch, they are giving away $15 educents to spend when they open on April 2nd.

Isn't it just great???? Click here to sign up!

I Won a Giveaway!!!!!

I'm so happy and grateful of being a tiny part of this amazing blog world. I just love it, especially when so many talented and creative people share their awesome work.I follow so many fantastic blogs, and of course I participate in as many giveaways as I can. I've been doing this for a year now, that's why I'm so thrilled... I finally won one!!!!!!!

I'm sure most of you know Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies, well she's one great teacher!!!!! I've bought many of her Label It units from TPT, that have been a huge success with my kids. Since they're ELL this activity has helped them increase their vocabulary in a very fun way, they just love it. Thanks a lot Jennifer for creating another great unit.
We'll have tons of fun : )

Here I leave it for you to check it...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

As a kid I never read one of Dr.Seuss books, such a shame I know, but as I grew older I discovered this magical world, especially since becoming a bilingual teacher. I wanted my students to learn about this awesome author, I didn't want them to miss the fun of reading his books, so of course they became huge fans. Now as a mom I want my kids to love and appreciate him as much as I do. I have had quite a success with Valeria, Dany is a tough one though, but he'll come around.

I leave you with a selection of a few of my favorite quotes, hope you enjoy them!!!!!!!

This last one is my very favorite, I found a shop on etsy that sell it as a wall art. I have it now in my kids room. What a better way to start a day, don't you think???

Friday, March 1, 2013

It is March...

So it's time for a Currently. I have read tons and I have been eager to participate, but time, procastinating a tons of other things got on my way. Well not anymore, I have promised myself that I can do better, here it is my first try, this is what I'm up to right now!!!!

Today was a long day.... and when I thought our evening was going to be relaxed, two friends arrived at our frontstep. One has a baby boy who is such a darling, he loves to play with my son Dany, and my other friend has a girl who is bestie with my daughter Valeria. Such a lovely surprise with tons of laughter and great moments. I'm so blessed to have so special relationships.

I've been begging asking my mom to join me on a trip to visit a cousin in Chicago. She has refused so far... until my dear brother invited her, and instead of going with me, she is going with him, mmmm.... Of course I'm invited to join ;)

I love pinterest, I do love pinterest, I'm obsessed with pinterest!!!!!!! But I still haven't found what I'm looking for (just like the song). My living is tiny, so decorating can be really complicated. Any hints, tips or pointing to the right direction will be highly appreciated.

The three words were complicated... I love to label, honestly who doesn't. Lately I've been working on a home planner where I can have everything in one place. Labels are going to come really handy.
Laughing is the best of remedies, especially when the people you love are laughing too. That's why I hate loneliness, it is not that I don't like to be alone once in a while, just that I hate feeling lonely. What about you???