Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Am I Thankful For

This year has brought many changes to my life, I left my teaching job to become a full time mom. It was really hard and I shed many tears, my life was my classroom, but my family was paying the toll. I was a great teacher, but a terrible mom.I left the decision in God's hand, I asked him to show me a way, I wanted so bad to be a teacher, and be with my kids at the same time. His answer was simply amazing. Through our church we learned about the homeschooling system. It was everything I've ever wanted, we were going to give our kids a great education, while staying at home with them, and being a teacher at the same time!!!!

I'm loving the time I'm spending with my kids, they grow so fast, and now thanks God, I'm going to be with them in every step of the way. What a huge responsibility, I pray to be up to the task.

Thanks God for the changes I've gone through, thanks for the precious time I'm spending with my family. Thank you for my life.